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Personal memory shrines created by participants in the workshops.

Memory Shrine: Living History

Shrines, of all sorts, are places for remembering, learning, expressing, celebrating. Whereas war memorials were passive - made to commission, and aimed towards a future audience - war shrines were much more spontaneous and dynamic - generated by, and for, an immediate audience.

The Memory Shrine: Living History series of artist-led activities form a key part of the project's activity programme, and are designed to promote engagement and empathy with the original purpose of the Stoneham War Shrine, and include a talk, workshops, an exhibition, and activities for schools.

During May 2011 an exhibition of personal memory shrines, with ephemera and flowers, taking inspiration from images of WW1 street shrines, will be installed at the Shrine.

A time capsule containing elements of local history and community memory will be sealed within the Shrine during the memorial's Rededication Ceremony. We are calling for donated artefacts and suggestions for the contents of the time capsule - which will have a duration of 93 years - with a final opening date in the year 2103. The time capsule will be a record of the area's identity, containing items that reflect the spirit of North Stoneham, past and present. Items placed inside the capsule might include handwritten memories, photographs, drawings, letters to the future, and small objects.