Stoneham War Shrine     Discovering the Park

Mrs Jeanne Fudge and 'Raggles' at the Stoneham War Shrine, 1929. Photo: M. Fudge

Do you have any photographs showing either of the Shrines?

Old photographs

The Stoneham War Shrine, c.1920. [See more from this view.]

Aerial photograph showing the Stoneham War Shrine, taken before the Second World War.

This photographic postcard of the Binstead & Havenstreet War Shrine dates from around 1919, before the lead tablets were added.
Image: Geoff Allan

'Raggles' again, 1929. Photo: M. Fudge

The Stoneham War Shrine, c.1950. Photo: E. Gilmour

The Stoneham War Shrine, c.1960.

By 1966, the beech hedge around the Shrine was no longer being clipped, as this grainy aerial photograph shows.

This photograph was taken around 1988, by which time the Shrine was enshrouded in vegetation, and unroofed and derelict. Photo: Anne Bakes.

This photograph was taken in spring 2000, shortly before the site was cleared and the remnants of the iron fence removed.
Photo: Peter Atkinson.

See photographs of the derelict Shrine in 2006 and after tree felling in February 2009.