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North Stoneham Park: its origin and development (1992), by C K Currie


North Stoneham Park,
from the estate survey c.1818
(SRO D/Z 639)

Field No.Field Name Acres, rods, perches
173High Port Field1-3-1
180Fir Plantation 22-3-0
183aThe Park 363-2-23
183b Furze Ground17-1-18
184Summergate Wood58-0-7
185Wood Field 35-2-13
186High Port Meadow 13-1-20
187a The Avenue including The Ring 63-3-19
259Pleasure Ground & Yard14-3-27
260The Gardens 3-3-25
261The Old Orchard 1-3-37
262The Mansion & Grounds adjoining 2-2-17