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North Stoneham Park: its origin and development (1992), by C K Currie


The medieval period

By the time of Domesday Book, Eastleigh and Boyatt were recorded as settlements in their own right, and had probably been transferred from North Stoneham to South Stoneham. A study of settlement in the area has shown that dispersed pattern was the norm (Currie forthcoming). There is little sign of nucleation of villages, and it is unlikely that Beresford and Hurst's identification of North Stoneham as a deserted medieval village (1971, 189) can be substantiated. Settlement in North Stoneham follows a pattern characteristic of former woodland manors, and has been classified by Dyer (1990) as an 'interrupted row' settlement type. Here various hamlets or 'ends' are linked together by a common routeway. At North Stoneham, North End, Middle and the Church (End) are so linked. In many such manors, later expansion joins the ends together to form a continuous row village (Dyer 1991, 32-43). There is no evidence that this occurred at North Stoneham.