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North Stoneham Park: its origin and development (1992), by C K Currie


North Stoneham Park,
from the Tithe Map c.1840

Field No.Field Name Acres, rods, perches
221The Further Avenue13-0-6
224The 18 Acres 36-1-37
225Home Wood 55-l-34
229Upper Park & Rough Ground236-1-28
238Piece by Keeper's House8-3-16
252Deer Park 223-3-30
255Lower Pond (later Shrubbery Pond)2-3-36
256Upper Pond (later Park Pond) 5-2-36
257Mansion Building, Yard, Garden & Pleasure Groundl6-2-37
258Plantation by Mansion 6-0-10
259Plantation by Mansion 1-3-18
260Paddock for Race Horses 1-3-37
262Flower & Kitchen Gardens 4-1-0
263Stabling, Yards & Outbuildings 2-1-34
264The Avenue 51-1-28