"Capability Brown was possibly the most significant landscape designer of all time. His achievements read like a list of our finest stately homes, and to have some of his work on our doorstep is indeed a great privilege. However, to local people, the North Stoneham Estate offers much more than a prime example of eighteenth century landscape design. To them, Stoneham is important for different reasons. The overwhelming response to a recent request for information in the Borough News, is indicative of great importance that local people attach to this land."
-Cllr. W Luffman and Cllr P Wall, joint chairs, Eastleigh Area Committee, 1999
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English Heritage recommend the compilation of a conservation plan

Published by Itchen Hamble Countryside Project on February 18, 2002
English Heritage recommended that "the compilation of a conservation plan for the site would be an extremely advantageous exercise, which English Heritage would highly recommend. It is generally acknowledged that conservation plans are invaluable tools in the restoration and subsequent maintenance of historic sites such as North Stoneham Park. Such a work would address systematically the historic development of the whole site, including the areas in disparate ownership. 

"Having produced an historic survey, the information could be used to address the conservation and maintenance of both the buildings and the landscape. In doing so, the areas of most and least historic sensitivity within the site would be highlighted in an objective manner, this process being informed by the historic survey. The result of this would be the production of a prioritised list of targets for the maintenance and restoration of the landscape, based on the results of the historic survey. The benefit of this would be that the landscape could receive attention in an informed and systematic manner, ensuring that restoration and maintenance activities could be programmed to enhance the landscape in the most appropriate way. It would also prove useful, should the requirement arise for further development on the site, in helping to identify in an objective manner the possible areas which might least compromise the historic character of the site."