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Landscape restoration springs forward.

By Willis Fleming Historical Trust on February 15, 2009
Visitors to Avenue Park will see that changes have already been made to improve the open aspect of the parkland and reveal the Shrine's prominent position, with the removal of swathes of brambles and scrub, and epicormic growth. Much of this work has been carried out by volunteers, working with Eastleigh's Countryside Service.

In particular, the former beech hedge around the Shrine - which had reached a height of some forty feet - was felled on 18th and 19th February; it will be replanted later this year. This work was carried out by specialist tree surgeons, local firm Southwick Arboriculture. The timber will be used to make charcoal.



After the removal of the trees, the derelict Shrine becomes, once more, a focal landmark within the parkland.

Throughout the project, a series of fixed point photographs are being taken to record the changes.

Architects Appointed

By Willis Fleming Historical Trust on February 1, 2009
Winchester architects, the Radley House Partnership have been appointed in February to oversee the restoration.

Partner Jeremy Poll said: 'The project is one we are extremely pleased to be involved with; besides the obvious significance of the Shrine itself, it is a rare opportunity to work upon a pure Art and Crafts building.'