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320 pounds raised for Poppy Appeal

By Willis Fleming Historical Trust on June 6, 2011
The wreaths and poppies laid at the War Shrine during its Rededication on 22 May 2011 raised 320 pounds for the Royal British Legion's Poppy Appeal. Thank you to everyone who made donations. The emphasis of the Poppy Appeal this year is the need to help the Afghan generation of the Armed Forces and their families.

(Photo: Jane Wildgoose)

Shrine rededicated at special ceremony

By Willis Fleming Historical Trust on May 24, 2011
The War Shrine was rededicated at a special service and act of remembrance on 22 May 2011. Following the Service, the Stoneham Spring Fayre was held there and the cows were welcomed into the Park.


An Ursula Moray Williams evening at Hampshire Record Office

By Willis Fleming Historical Trust on April 21, 2011
Colin Davison, author of a new Ursula Moray Williams biography, will speak about her links with Hampshire, including her years spent at North Stoneham Park, which inspired such books as Bogwoppit and Grandpapa's Folly and the Woodworm-Bookworm. Harry Willis Fleming will set this in the context of the story of North Stoneham House, built for his family in the first half of the 19th century.

Wednesday 11 May, 7-9pm
#7.50 per person, booking essential
Hampshire Record Office, Sussex Street, Winchester, Hampshire SO23 8TH

Rededication of the War Shrine and the Stoneham Spring Fayre

By Willis Fleming Historical Trust on April 20, 2011
On Sunday 22 May, the Shrine will be opened to visitors for the first time since its restoration. From 2pm there will be a country fete, the Stoneham Spring Fayre, held in Avenue Park, the Capability Brown parkland that surrounds the Shrine. Attractions will include the Belles of London City Morris, the Welcoming of the Cows, The War Graves Photographic Project, plenty of tea and cakes, and of course the Shrine itself. Earlier in the day there will be the Rededication ceremony at 12 noon. All are welcome.

Call for donations for the Time Capsule

By Willis Fleming Historical Trust on April 3, 2011
To mark the end of the restoration, a Time Capsule will be sealed inside the Stoneham War Shrine in May 2011, with a set duration of 93 years and a scheduled final opening date in 2104. 

The Capsule will contain elements of local history and community memory, and will be a record of the area's identity, with items that reflect the spirit of North Stoneham, past and present. Such items might include handwritten memories, ephemera, photographs, drawings, letters to the future, and small objects ... Can you contribute?

Special service on 23 January 2011

By Willis Fleming Historical Trust on January 15, 2011
A special service will be held at the Stoneham War Shrine, from 12 noon - 12.15pm on 23 January 2011, to remember military personnel who are currently away from home on active service. Their families and friends are invited to attend. The simple service will be taken by Reverend Stephen Holmes.

Chair of Eastleigh Area Committee Cllr Chris Thomas said: "It is great to see the war shrine being restored and this special service will be a suitable way to remember local military personnel who are currently serving".

Building work nears completion

By Willis Fleming Historical Trust on January 10, 2011

Armistice Day at the Shrine

By Willis Fleming Historical Trust on November 11, 2010

The rebuilding of the Stoneham War Shrine begins

By Willis Fleming Historical Trust on April 22, 2010
On Wednesday 21 April 2010, building work commenced at the Shrine with the laying of the first restoration stone during a ceremony led by Rev. Stephen Holmes, priest-in-charge of North Stoneham parish. The school councillors of Nightingale Primary School immured sixteen coins under the stone; half the coins dated from 1918 when the Shrine was first completed, and half were new coins freshly minted in 2010. Harry Willis Fleming placed an Elizabethan silver coin in memory of his ancestors. A piece of shrapnel from the First World War was also placed. The stone was prepared by stonemason Jonathan Starr and then laid by local resident Douglas Bunce - who was born in 1918 and grew up at North Stoneham Park. The stone and the building works were blessed by Rev. Stephen Holmes; prayers were said by Prof. Roger Thornton.

(Photos: Bruce Williams)

Nightingale School Lay Wreath

By Willis Fleming Historical Trust on November 12, 2009
On Armistice Day, pupils from Nightingale Primary School made and laid a poppy wreath at the Shrine. The school will be following the project during 2010, and involved in a number of events, including a special exhibition to mark the Shrine's completion.