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Artist's Talk

By Willis Fleming Historical Trust on April 20, 2009
16 April 2009: Talk by artist Jane Wildgoose at St Nicolas, North Stoneham. Jane presented some of her recent work that explores ways in which people today associate memories and narratives with objects and places, relating these themes to the originating principles that motivated the Shrine's inception.


Events in April-May-June 2009

By Willis Fleming Historical Trust on April 10, 2009
Our events programme begins properly next week, with a talk by Jane Wildgoose at North Stoneham Church. Jane is an artist - and trustee of the Willis Fleming Historical Trust - and will be discussing her work, and how its themes relate to the principles that motivated the Shrine's inception in 1917. This will also be, in part, an introduction to the time capsule (see below) and the creative workshops in May.

A week later Harry Willis Fleming giving a talk at Eastleigh Museum about the project, North Stoneham Park, and the curious history of his ancestors, the Willis Fleming family. Jenna Dewhurst will be leading her seasonal Exploration of Avenue Park in mid-May.

We are extremely fortunate to have John Phibbs coming to North Stoneham at the end of May, to give a guided walk through former North Stoneham Park, and to detect what traces of the historic landscape remain. Early in June there is a tour (with lunch) in south Hampshire with The Mausolea & Monuments Trust. A few days later, we are lucky to have Prof. Mark Connelly giving a talk about the war shrines that appeared on city streets during the Great War.

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