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Nightingale School Lay Wreath

By Willis Fleming Historical Trust on November 12, 2009
On Armistice Day, pupils from Nightingale Primary School made and laid a poppy wreath at the Shrine. The school will be following the project during 2010, and involved in a number of events, including a special exhibition to mark the Shrine's completion.


Havenstreet War Shrine Listed

By Willis Fleming Historical Trust on November 10, 2009
HOD09_4.jpgCoinciding with Armistice Day, English Heritage have listed the Stoneham War Shrine's twin at Havenstreet, giving it Grade II status. It is one of 18 war memorials being listed or upgraded by English Heritage at this time. See www.guardian.co.uk.

Act of Remembrance 2009

By Willis Fleming Historical Trust on November 10, 2009
A simple Act of Remembrance was held at the Stoneham War Shrine on Sunday 8 November 2009, conducted by Prof. Roger Thornton and Rev. Richard Davies.


Contractor Appointed

By Willis Fleming Historical Trust on November 4, 2009
Magenta Building Repair Ltd have been appointed as the main contractor for the Phase 1 Project, and work on the Shrine is now underway. We are expecting the craftsmen to move onsite at Avenue Park by the beginning of February 2010.