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The rebuilding of the Stoneham War Shrine begins

By Willis Fleming Historical Trust on April 22, 2010
On Wednesday 21 April 2010, building work commenced at the Shrine with the laying of the first restoration stone during a ceremony led by Rev. Stephen Holmes, priest-in-charge of North Stoneham parish. The school councillors of Nightingale Primary School immured sixteen coins under the stone; half the coins dated from 1918 when the Shrine was first completed, and half were new coins freshly minted in 2010. Harry Willis Fleming placed an Elizabethan silver coin in memory of his ancestors. A piece of shrapnel from the First World War was also placed. The stone was prepared by stonemason Jonathan Starr and then laid by local resident Douglas Bunce - who was born in 1918 and grew up at North Stoneham Park. The stone and the building works were blessed by Rev. Stephen Holmes; prayers were said by Prof. Roger Thornton.

(Photos: Bruce Williams)