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Progress with the carved lintel

By Willis Fleming Historical Trust on March 12, 2010
John Adamson is halfway through carving the inscriptions on the green oak lintel, working quickly while the wood contains enough moisture. The lintel is made in three sections.


Workshop Inspection

By Radley House on March 10, 2010
The setting out of text and end details on the three oak sections forming the main carved lintel were discussed and approved during a meeting at the carver's workshop last Friday.

stoneham lintels 05_Mar_10 004.JPG
stoneham lintels 05_Mar_10 008.JPG
stoneham lintels 05_Mar_10 006.JPG

Avenue Park entered into Higher Level Stewardship

By Countryside Service on March 10, 2010

Avenue Park has been entered into the HLS scheme run by Natural England. This will help the Countryside team deliver significant environmental benifits to the area. The objectives of the scheme are wildlife conservation, enhancement of landscape, natural resorce protection, protection of historic environment and promotion of public access and understanding.

New free printed guide

By Willis Fleming Historical Trust on March 5, 2010
The guide has now been reprinted, and includes new information and photographs. To receive a free copy, use the online form.