Objectives - North Stoneham Planning and Management Framework, 1993


5.1 The study area fulfils the vital function of providing a largely undeveloped open landscape between two major urban areas. Moreover, it provides a range of informal and formal recreational activities within an historic landscape. 

5.2 The main objectives of this Strategy are: 

1. to retain the undeveloped character of this countryside area, within the Eastleigh-Southampton Strategic Gap; 

2. to conserve and enhance the landscape - in particular: 

(a) its parkland character; 

(b) the screening of the motorways; 

3. to explore opportunities for the restoration of the historic parkland landscape of the area to be known as "Avenue Park" (see Map 4 - Principal Strategy Area and Policy 7); 

4. to increase local public access (without encouraging greater car use); 

5. to provide additional open recreation where this would be consistent with the landscape objectives; and 

6. to conserve historic buildings and features. 

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