Preface - North Stoneham Planning and Management Framework, 1993


From time to time the Department of the Environment publishes planning guidance. In Planning Policy Guidance 12 (February 1992) "Development Plans and Regional Planning Guidance", paragraph 3.18, recognises that supplementary planning guidance, such as this document for North Stoneham, can provide helpful advice for those preparing planning applications. 

"Any such guidance ought to be consistent with the relevant plan and clearly cross-referenced to the relevant plan policy or proposal. It should be issued separately from the plan and made publicly available, and its status should be made clear". 

The weight accorded to supplementary planning guidance will increase if it has been prepared in consultation with the public and has been the subject of a Council resolution. 

This draft document has been approved, for consultation purposes, by Hampshire County Council, Eastleigh and Test Valley Borough Councils and Southampton City Council. 

A revised document is intended to be presented for formal adoption by the respective authorities in the Autumn.