Landscape Restoration Opportunities - North Stoneham Planning and Management Framework, 1993


6.1 Recent studies (Appendix No. 3) of the historic landscape have recommended that steps should be taken to restore the grounds of North Stoneham House to their historic form. But this may involve the loss of some existing trees and vegetation. Furthermore, the historic landscapes were designed to focus on a large building which no longer exists. In addition, the local authorities recognise the impracticability of re-creating parkland from levelled and highly managed sports fields in multiple ownership. 

6.2 Throughout the study area, present farming practice does little to enhance the appearance of the landscape. However, the landscape to the north of the Park Farm has been left relatively undisturbed, and still reflects much of the original parkland character. In the view of the local authorities, this area offers the best opportunity for restoration without considerable expense. This area ("Avenue Park" [Fig. 1]), focuses on Avenue Pond. 

6.3 The local authorities view "Avenue Park" as a potential resource for informal recreation. If more recreational use is to take place it must be carefully controlled.